If we take this flower, it is called 'kumudu' This is actually a very small flower. The flowers are white in color. The yellow color in the center of the center is what makes this flower beautiful. In fact, it is a waterborne plant. We can't really smell that much here. But this is a beautiful little flower plant. The amount of water affects the formation of the plant. Although it is made of water, it requires soil to root. These plants are now becoming a rare species. Of course, this is rarely found on its own, but it is a beautiful plant that grows well. Of course, this is rarely found on its own, but it is a beautiful plant that grows well. The green leaves are round in shape and are very beautiful. We can see that the leaves of this plant are floating on the water. You can see it further in the photos below.



If used in this way, it is most cultivated as an ornamental plant. If we can grow it in a pond with fish, this will be a great service to decorate the pond. Also, if you can make a pot of water in front of a house, this will help to add beauty to the house. I already grow front of my house. You can see from these photos that this is a line. This can be seen from a distance as beautiful. So I think this is very important to bring the beauty of even the smallest flower. Another use of this cultivar is for sale. In fact, the market value here has grown to some extent. So it is also cultivated for sale. That's all we can say about usage.



It can be grown under any weather conditions in Sri Lanka, but it is essential to use water properly. It grows in cold areas, but is not successful. But the climate in Sri Lanka is not affected. If you come to Sri Lanka, you will most likely see this flower in places like Polonnarura / Kandy areas. I have heard that other countries will cultivate it too, but I cannot tell you how successful it is. If you know something about this, please don't forget to comment below.
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Name Of The Plant : Kumudu.
Category : A Flowering Plant (Rare).
Usage : For Beauty & Sell.
Growing Areas  : Under Any Climate In Sri Lanka.