If we are talking about this flower, it is a type of sunflower. Actually, the sunflower flower is a bit small compared to other sunflowers. And the color is red. All the petals of the flower are red, and we can see the stamens in the middle yellow. In fact with other sunflower this is a similarly beautiful flower. But this is a rare flower because most people do not grow it. In fact, when we take this plant we don't see much difference with other sunflower plants. The leaves of this tree are very similar to the leaves of other sunflower trees. The flowers are actually very fragrant and we can see bees coming to the flower like other flowers. This is a flower that only really does form once in a while. However, the flower remains in the bud for about two to three weeks. You can learn more about this flower by looking these photos.



In fact, when it comes to the use of the flower, it is grown as a flower ornament. So planting these in your home can give your garden and home a lot of beauty. The flower is also used for decoration, as are other flowers. It is also used for religious purposes because it is very fragrant. It is also used for sale. But when compared to the other sunflowers in the market, the quality is a bit high.



This can be grown in any part of Sri Lanka, if it is made up. But the color and the size of the tree and the shape of the flower vary from place to place. In the dry zone, the sunflowers of this type are orange in the middle, but the sunflowers in the colder regions are yellow. I can see that the most beautiful red sunflower flowers in the winter. But this is not the case in Sri Lanka. It can be grown under any climate.

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Name Of The Plant : Red Sunflower.
Category : A Flowering Plant (Rare).
Usage : For Beauty / Decorations & Religious Affairs.
Growing Areas  : Under Any Climate In Sri Lanka.