If we take this plant, this is a very beautiful flower plant. In fact, it contains only five petals and each flower contains five petals. Although the flowers are of different groups, they are only white in color and have 5 petals, But we can identify these flowers in different sizes. If taken in a scent, it has a very attractive aroma. And it smells very fresh. The plant is not very big, but some varieties are usually very big. These varieties of flowers have been found all over Sri Lanka in the past, but nowadays they have become very widespread. In fact, this plant is becoming a rare species. It will only bloom for a time



In terms of use, this plant can be seen as a beauty plant. This flower is widely used for religious activities in Sri Lanka. The flower is also used in many decorations, because of its shape and beauty, it can be used for many decorations and the color white can help it. It was also used for eye diseases. That's all we can say about usage.



It can be grown in almost any part of Sri Lanka, but unfortunately people are destroying these flowers. But its size varies from region to region. This type of flower has been grown in many temples in Sri Lanka. If you come to Sri Lanka for a visit, don't forget to check out this flower. 

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Name Of The Plant : Idda.
Category : A Flowering Plant (Rare).
Usage : For Beauty & Declarations.
Growing Areas  : Anywhere In Sri Lanka.