In fact, this is one of a kind of  'Kudalu' flowering plant but the flowers are more beautiful than the others. The shape of the flower resembles the shape of a rose. That's why we call it the Rose Kudalu. At first glance, it looks like a rose, but it is a very small flower. No matter how beautiful this flower is, there is no smell but the beauty of it is very high. Nowadays, many people tend to make it because it is a very small flower that can give a great light to your garden. In this case, the color is initially purple, but after 4 to 5 days of formation, the blossom is completely pink. This flower only blooms for a period of time, usually from September to November. 



In terms of usage, this is mostly for beauty. Because as I said before, it is beautiful here. The specialty of this tree is that it produces only two or three flowers. So as a group of trees this is pretty much the same. A friend of mine said that in the past this was used for making a lot of colors. This is really rusty and the color here is just that. Since this is rare, it may even be for sale in the future.



If this is a growing area, it does not need much climatic conditions, but it can be seen as a plant with a cold climate, because in most of the Kandy area it is growing flowers. I have seen these flowers in Polonnaruwa, the tropical regions of Sri Lanka, but I think they grow in color and elegance, usually in cold climates. If you can find this flower, you can grow it in your own climate. But I can't say for sure what the outcome will be.

I hope that by reading this article you will learn something about this plant. You can share this post on your social media, but you cannot copy and paste these images because it does not meet with our terms and conditions.

Name Of The Plant : Rose Kudalu.
Category : A Flowering Plant (Rare).
Usage : For Beauty & Coloring.
Growing Areas  : In Wet Areas.