Actually, what were you thinking when you saw this? Yeah it can't really figure out what this is, but this is some of mushroom. In fact, this mushroom is very rare. I only see it after about three years. Actually, the size is too small for even the smallest camera to capture. This will die two to three days after making it. When it comes to color, it usually takes on an orange-red color. This makes it slightly harder to find on weeds. The height is usually two and a half to three centimeters. It also grows on decayed tree trunks, but often grows on plants. Animals like snails eat it. The scent here really isn't that good. You can actually see some beauty here when you look at this photos.



It's not so complicated when it comes to use. But, according to ancient books, this can be used as a medicine for past medicine. I thought I'd present it to you because of the beauty of this Mushroom and because it is a very rare type of Mushroom.  Other than that, I can't say Related to its usage.



As far as the formation is concerned, I have seen it grow in the wet zone, but some say this is also the warmer region. But I think this grows better in the wetland. If you know more about this please let us know and we will add more information to this post. Because I think it will grow in other countries as well.

I hope that by reading this article you will learn something about this plant. You can share this post on your social media, but you cannot copy and paste these images because it does not meet with our terms and conditions.

Name Of The Plant :Red Wooden Mushrooms.
Category :  Mushrooms (Rare).
Usage : For Medical Treatments.
Growing Areas  : In Cold Areas As Well Hot Areas.